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Freedom - Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

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Welcome to my personal web site

I'm a Canadian who advocates for freedom, human rights, fair justice, science literacy, and critical thinking.  Although my focus is primarily on Canada, ultimately my hope is for everyone throughout the world to have freedom complimented by fact-based secular education because I believe that freedom combined with literacy - particularly scientific literacy - leads to better quality living for everyone.

I have also engaged in some activism and/or shared some solutions-oriented opinions on in my local area that is important to me, which I hope you'll find interesting:

Human rights

2018-Jun-23:  I am deeply concerned about the psychological health and safety of both the children and the parents who were unnecessarily separated while seeking asylum in the USA this month, and I want for all of them to be reunited immediately as the first step in resolving this problem for which I can't find the appropriate words to describe how horrible it is.  (If you're a software developer, please sign this petition at https://www.github.com/selfagency/microsoft-drop-ice.)

Reject Terrorism:  Promote Peace

In response to recent terrorist attacks, I created the following images that you are welcome to copy and share with others.  I do hope that more won't be needed in the future.

Peace for Brussels - Peace for Belgium Peace for Paris - Peace for France

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