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2017-Jan-31 Facebook disabled my account

Facebook - Disabled account

In February of 2017 I discovered that my Facebook account was disabled without any warning or explanation, and my inquiries to Facebook concerning this matter have not been answered, so unfortunately it's not presently possible to contact me or connect with me via Facebook.  I have also reviewed Facebook's policies concerning end-user conduct (as recommended as part of their "appeals" process, which I also attempted), but I have not violated any of their rules (e.g., I haven't posted ellicit content, harassed anyone, or posted anything illegal, etc.).

The official link to my Facebook page (in case you were curious to see what a disabled Facebook account looks like) is:  https://www.facebook.com/randolf.c.richardson

At this point I won't be creating another Facebook account, not only because it's time-consuming, but also because I don't know what Facebook's reason is for disabling my account, which leaves me with having to assume that any new account I create will probably also be disabled.

2017-Aug-23 update

Facebook responded to another request I submitted (today), and they provided an explanation -- they incorrectly claim that I have been encouraging people to "Like" and "Share" posts, promoting online giveaways, directing others to compromise their security, and instructing the copying and pasting of unsafe JavaScript code.  In my reply, I explained that I never do any of those things and that I am not involved in any giveaways.  I also finalized by expressing my hope that they will re-activate my account (even though they stated that they "will not re-activate my account for any reason"), and so I wait for their reply with optimism of good news.

2019-Jun-26 update

I just discovered that Facebook is interfering with my freedom to vote by preventing me from voting in a web site poll that requires a valid Facebook account for voting.  My various attempts over the past 22 months to contact Facebook regarding their decision to banish my account have gone unanswered -- their phone number plays a pre-recorded message before terminating the call (with no options to reach a department or leave a message), and a few staff members I've contacted on LinkedIn.com were unable to help me because the internal departments are apparently isolated and prevented from communicating with each other, which seems dysfunctional to me.

Facebook - Disabled account - request via Twitter Some people have suggested that I create another Facebook account, but I'm not going to do that because Facebook's Appeals Department made it clear that I'm not welcome on their system, and so I think that even though I disagree with their decision it would be wrong to disrepsect their decisions about who can use their private property (their servers, networks, etc.).  I'm left with the distinct impression that Facebook is not interested in dealing fairly with their users because they believe false accusations without making reasonable efforts to verify whether said accusations have any validity; for a social network that prides itself on connecting people, this is counter-intuitive.

2020-Feb-27 update

People continue to ask me how they can find me on Facebook.  After exhausting other attempts to contact Facebook concerning my account, I am now asking them publicly via their official Twitter account:  https://www.twitter.com/randolf828/status/1233009030274007040

I'm characterizing this problem to Facebook as a hostile-and-personal response from their Appeals Department based on the reaction from their staff via eMail, and also partly because of the unfair manner in which their Appeals Department handled the false accusations.

Hopefully Facebook's staff, who are actively operating the official Twitter account for Facebook, will be able to rectify this problem or bring it to the attention of someone internally who will.

For other methods of contacting me, you can follow this link.

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